How to Decrease Recidivism of the Incarcerated

It was stunning to learn that it is common for incarcerated criminals to be denied access to literature. How else are they to change their situation so they need not return to a life of crime upon release. Literature permits self education and education provides hope and opportunity upon release. May I suggest it be a Federal Policy and even Federal Mandate that prisoners be given the opportunity for such self education and the libraries be financially funded and stocked w/ the finest of materials as needed and requested for the obvious reason that it must be far far less expensive to do so than to investigate apprehend prosecute and incarcerate yet again upon recidivism.

Canyon de Chelly Arizona


A Simple even Obvious Method to Afford Professional Employment to those without Means

This is to suggest a means to provide unimagined opportunity to those who now see none. The higher professions such as medicine and the law require formal schooling and the successful completion of examination by government agency to obtain license. Currently formal schooling is required by government to attempt said examination. This requirement does not seem logical for several reasons. Firstly if we have confidence in our examination methods then we must conclude examination alone is sufficient qualification to grant license and so not present the formidable obstacle of exceedingly expensive formal education. Secondly the requirement of expensive formal schooling as suggested severely limits a great many of the lower and even middle classes from bettering themselves and from seeking and finding employment which of course is contrary to all government employment programs' stated goals. May I suggest we permit such self-educated professionals as qualified by examination but which

A Simple and Possibly New Way to Deduce Special Relativity

Imagine an object some distance in front of you moving toward you also imagine a second object moving in a line perpendicular to the line of motion of the first with the two on a collision course with that point of collision some distance in front of you. If we assume that the motion of light obeys Galilean Relativity then what we will observe of the collision is the first object being deflected with the second object still some distance away from the first. This seems to me to be an uncomfortable situation as I prefer to believe that cause and effect should always be observed. Thus we may consider to assume a principle of "conservation of the observation of causality" and thus insist that the light from the two objects at the moment of collision reach our eyes at the same time which requires that the speed of light be constant. | v o obj 0    ---     .     . y     . .     .    d t=0 .     . ob

Maybe a New Way to Deduce that Black Holes Radiate

Consider a black hole as a region of space which we are forbidden to observe into. Perhaps this forbidding is precisely what permits energy and matter to emanate from it because doing so does not violate any law of nature for the simple reason that we are unable to observe those laws. To violate a law of nature presumably assumes that we can observe those laws being violated which of course within a black hole we can not. Therefore radiation from a black hole can not be forbidden which presumably means that it must exist. - Just a paltry thought

How to Save on College Tuition (and get a superior education in the offing)

As you know college is clearly not affordable and has now become almost exorbitant. Students have now incurred an amount of debt estimated at a staggering $1.2 trillion dollars which is of course a serious problem to be solved. I am merely a private citizen but I believe there is a simple and even obvious solution which I have not seen or heard discussed prior which I believe can help prevent future students from suffering in this manner. Simply stated it is "Do It Yourself" and "Read to Succeed". Whatever information a so-called "teacher" imparts via an oral lecture is readily found in and can be obtained from textbooks written by experts in their respective fields. Are we to spend the rest of our lives always relying on "teachers" who do nothing more than present to us what is already on the written page whenever we wish to learn something that makes no sense. We all know how to read. So to save the enormous and unnecessary cost of tuition